How we work

Each department has its own distinct role, however we all share one common goal: quick and effective customer service together with a rich variety of high-quality textiles.

Nothing stays the same in fashion. Everything changes. Frequently and with increasing speed. Colors. Patterns. Fabrics. This is what fashion is all about and this is also how we work. We are in constant motion. Always two steps ahead of the trends, and at least one step ahead of your demands. All of our departments are working along the same line, like a well-woven fabric.

Our creative department, the heart and soul of Davaris Textiles, keeps ahead of the latest trends and creates handpicked collections of color and fancy patterns. On the other end of the thread, our marketing and sales team have a daily contact with our clients keeping them updated about fashion trends and our evolving collection. But at the end of the day nothing is shipped out without the approval of our quality control’s keen eye for detail. If it doesn’t meet the highest quality standards it will not make it out of the door. It’s as simple and as hard as that.